What is the
Kentish Town Arts Club?
Who is it for?
The Kentish Town Arts Club is open to anyone looking to develop their creative skills or are interested in experiencing something different. everyone is invited, though some events which are licensed, will only be open to adults. we offer a platform for musicians, visual artists, stand up performers and a great evenings entertainment for the audience.
What is our plan?
We will officially launch the Kentish Town Arts Club on Friday the 31st January 2020, with an event called 'bin those Winter Blues'. we will run events on the last Friday of each month and will use the events to help us steer the direction of the Kentish Town Arts Club. we will then develop a program of affordable arts based classes and workshops open to the wider community creating a new community. this is planned for easter 2020.
How is the project funded?
The Kentish Town Arts club will initially be funded by Kentish Town Community Centre as part of the organisations commitment to ‘Serving the community’ and ‘Allowing people to flourish’. To ensure Kentish Town Arts Club is sustainable, we will also be seeking grant funding. all our events will be affordable and we also accept donations.
How do people find out about the Kentish Town Arts Club?
you can see the latest news on our social media platforms :
Twitter @KentishTownArts and on Instagram #KentishTownArtsClub
Do you want to know more?
Contact Luis Sanchez the Kentish Town Arts Club coordinator. 
email: Luis@ktcc.org.uk / t: 0207 42 3212 / mon - fri / 11-6pm