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Earthing Pillowcase UK with Grounding Cord Native Cotton Grounding Pillowcase For Better Sleep Healthy - JFRAD4FG

Earthing Pillowcase UK with Grounding Cord Native Cotton Grounding Pillowcase For Better Sleep Healthy - JFRAD4FG

  • Product Code: JFRAD4FG
  • Availability: In Stock
$57.84 $26.50

  • Higher Silver Content: The silver content of this grounding pillowcase is higher than all other grounding bed pillowcases of the same type. The silver fiber density is more than 3 times that of other grounding bed pillowcases, which significantly increases the ground contact area and can have a better grounding effect.

  • Baby-grade Material: 90% of the grounding pillowcases are made of baby-grade natural cotton, without any chemical composition, which is particularly friendly to human skin.

  • Larger Size: This grounding pillowcase is enlarged, and the actual size is larger than the marked size, which is much larger than that of other similar types of grounding pillowcase suppliers.

  • Use Safety: The product ground cord has a built-in 100kohm safety protection resistance, which can effectively guarantee the safety of use.

  • Healthy life: Lying on grounding pillowcases can keep people in a natural and healthy state and have better sleep quality.

  • What’s Grounding Pillowcase

    Our earth is a planet with huge energy. Grounding means that the human body is directly connected to the earth. However, with the development of human civilization, reinforced concrete buildings and shoes have almost isolated the connection between humans and the earth. Grounding pillowcases make the connection between humans and the earth simple and convenient. Grounding has many benefits and can effectively maintain the health of the human body.

    Conductivity Test Method:

    Step1, prepare grounding pillowcase, grounding cord, and multimeter (it is not included in this grounding pillowcase set).

    Step2, adjust the multimeter range to the ohm range, range is greater than 200 kiloohms (this step is very important, if the range selection is wrong, the multimeter reading will be 0).

    Step3, measure both ends of the grounding cord with a multimeter. If the resistance is 100 kiloohms, it means that the conductivity is normal.

    Step4, connect the grounding cord to the pillowcase, connect one end of the multimeter to the grounding cord plug, and the other end to any dark silver fiber of the grounding pillowcase. If the multimeter shows a valid reading, it indicates that the conductivity of the entire pillowcase is normal.

    Usage Method:

    When the grounding pillowcase is used, the button end of the grounding cord is buckled on the button in the black area of the grounding sheet, and the other end is inserted into the grounding jack of the wall socket.

    Products Include:

    1*grounding pillowcase

    1*15 feet grounding cord


    Earthing Pillowcase UK with Grounding Cord Native Cotton Grounding Pillowcase For Better Sleep Healthy - JFRAD4FG